Automate your ILO configuration using HPE iLO Cmdlets

Automation, automation, automation – this is the key, once again!

Why waste 15-20 minutes configuring the ILO boards manually when we have the HPE iLO Cmdlets to automate the process?

In this article, I will introduce some PowerShell cmdlets for ILO configuration. Additionally, I will continue updating the post with new ones.


We need the HPEiLOCmdlets module, which you can get from Powershell Gallery. To install the PowerCLI module, use the following command.

    Install-Module -Name HPEiLOCmdlets -Confirm:$false

HPE ILO Cmdlets from Powershell Gallery link is :


First we need to declare some variables and connect to our HPE ILO remote board.

$ILOname = "your_Ilo_Name"
$Creds = Get-Credential
$hostname = ""
$domain = ""
$ntpserver = ""
$dnsserver1 = ""
$dnsserver2 = ""

$connection = Connect-HPEiLO -Address $ILOname -Credential $Creds -DisableCertificateAuthentication:$true -Timeout 60 -Verbose

Below you can find some usefull cmdlets and what they are doing:

Power-Off the server
Set-HPeiLOServerPower -Connection $connection -Power Off -Force -ErrorAction Continue

#to get the status use the following cmdlet
(Get-HPEiLOServerPower -Connection $Connection ).Power
IPv6 Network settings
#this cmdlet will disable IPV6 on the Dedicated interface

Set-HPEiLOIPv6NetworkSetting -Connection $connection -InterfaceType Dedicated -RegisterDDNSServer Disabled -DHCPv6StatefulMode Disabled -DHCPv6DNSServer Disabled -DHCPv6RapidCommit Disabled -DHCPv6StatelessMode Disabled -DHCPv6SNTPSetting Disabled -DHCPv6DomainName Disabled -StatelessAddressAutoConfiguration Disabled
IPv4 Network Settings
#this cmdlet will set the DNS servers on the IPv4 dedicated interface and ILO hostname, domain and enable the PingGateway
$dnstype = ,@("Primary","Secondary")
$dnsserver = ,@("$dnsserver1","$dnsserver2")
Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting -Connection $connection -InterfaceType Dedicated -DNSName $hostname -DomainName $Domain -RegisterDDNSServer Disabled -DNSServerType $dnstype -DNSServer $dnsserver -PingGateway Enabled
NTP Settings
# set the NTP server and the timezone to CET
Set-HPEiLOSNTPSetting -Connection $connection -InterfaceType Dedicated -Timezone "CET" -SNTPServer "$ntpserver"
Create ILO user
#add a local user and set the login priviledges
Add-HPEiLOUser -connection $connection -LoginName "ILOnewUser" -Username "ILOnewUser" -Password "ilopassword" -LoginPrivilege Yes -RemoteConsolePrivilege Yes -VirtualMediaPrivilege Yes -VirtualPowerAndResetPrivilege Yes -IloConfigPrivilege Yes
Disconnect ILO session
#use this cmdlet to disconnect your powershell session
Disconnect-HPEiLO -Connection $connection 

What tasks did we covered :

  1. Shutting down the server.
  2. Configuring the IPv4 network settings for the Dedicated interface.
  3. “Disabling the IPv6 network settings for the Dedicated interface.
  4. Configuring the SNTP
  5. Adding a local user.
  6. Disconnecting the current session.

Keep you posted !


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